Pack Odisseia

Early-Bird Price

Pack Odisseia contains 9 Beezz Wraps! One of each size, squares and circles with a special offer of an extra Large Squared . The perfect option for your daily basis.

Warning: Patterns are merely illustrative. Products may vary.

37.50 € 50.00 €
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To wash use cold water and soap.


Beezz, if taken care well, will last roughly one year, however with the usage it might happen that they loose their stickiness and texture. If that happens you may give it a refreshment by using our refresher block.

They may be used at room temperature, fridge and freezer. They won't work in very hot surfaces or environments such as microwaves, oven or stove. Do not wash them in the washing machine as you may destroy them.

We strongly disapprove using it in raw fish or meat, however you can put them in a plate or container and cover it with the wrap, avoiding direct contact with meat or fish fluids.

Inicially the wraps have a light odor of beewax, however this smell its not transfered on to the food and shoud go away within the first washes. The same happens to the extra stickiness.