Beezz Wraps

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To use it just place the food inside and wrap it. The heat in your hands will help seal the Beezz. If you use it over a container once again use the heat in your hands to help sealing it

In case you need it we send with every order a set of multiple size elastic bands in order to get it properly isolated.

Going to work, all you need is to wrap a sandwich or Beezzgami it into a package and insert cookies or perhaps nuts. The big advantage in packaging with these wraps is that they work pretty well when sticked together. After you had your snack all you have left is a cotton napkin that you can fold and stow anywhere, even a pocket. They occupy no space in a bag or a snack pack.

At home they are even more useful. Wrapping vegetables and fruit which haven't been consumed completely. You can cover any recipient missing a lid. Wrap your Bread with the XL Squared so it is still fresh the next morning.